What is Welcoming Tennessee?

The Welcoming Tennessee Initiative is a collaboration of concerned Tennesseans from all walks of life – business, law enforcement, community and faith – who are proud that Tennessee is a welcoming state, and are working to continue that noble tradition by increasing understanding of how new Tennesseans share our values, contribute to our economy, enhance our combined culture and strengthen our communities.


How does it work?  

Welcoming Ambassadors: Ambassadors are key to the Welcoming Tennessee Initiative. These volunteer leaders serve their local communities by hosting conversations, organizing educational opportunities, and most importantly being a resource and spokesperson on behalf of Tennessee's newest neighbors.

If you are interested in becoming a Welcoming Ambassador, join WTI today!

Welcoming Committees: A Welcoming Committee is a group of Ambassadors who commit their time and efforts to make their community more welcoming. These groups provide space for community members to discuss local issues, receive training, coordinate events, and plan Welcoming Campaigns. 

Welcoming Campaigns: A Welcoming Campaign is an concentrated effort by a Welcoming Committee to create a more welcoming community for all Tennesseans. An example of a Welcoming Campaign would be an effort to pass a Welcoming Resolution in a locality. 

Educational Presentations: Welcoming Tennessee presentations serve to facilitate dialogue around immigration, in an attempt to reach a place where we, as neighbors, can understand one another and resolve our differences rationally. Presentations are always tailored to meet the needs of the local community, and share perspective on the most relevant current events. 

If you would like to invite Welcoming Tennessee to give a presentation in your community, contact us today!

Proactive Media: Too often, mass media has the effect of dividing our communities with messages of intolerance and conflict. Welcoming Tennessee seeks to counter this trend, by utilizing media to share our positive, welcoming vision for a stronger Tennessee. In the past, Welcoming Tennessee has collaborated with film makers like the BeCause Foundation and Nashville Public Television to help create educational documentaries about Tennessee's newest neighbors.